Cedric Chevalley is Presenting at the SIERAAD Art Fair

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, NOVEMBER 7, 2019 — Cedric Chevalley will be presenting mobiuses made of intersecting donuts and sculptural brooches embossed with art quotes at the SIERAAD Art Fair in Amsterdam on November 7-10, 2019. He created the pieces in early 2019 from wood taken from skateboards that would otherwise have been discarded. Chevalley is known internationally as a jeweler who creates pieces from revolutionary materials and who employs highly conceptual designs.

“By upcycling, I can take things that are broken, dirty, and no longer available for use, and still create something new with them. I can utilize the best features and bring them to the forefront for a new life as a piece of art,” Chevalley says.

“The process of upcycling is just like the nature of human existence – an existence that inevitably includes failure, loss, and broken pieces. But we just have to decide that tomorrow is a whiteboard – a fresh page. We can start anew: bright and shining. We don’t have to replay yesterday into tomorrow. We can create something entirely different,” he adds.

Chevalley’s work is not only one-of-a-kind in regards to the materials he uses, but also because his art functions as a metaphor for the wearer: it’s a constant reminder that individuals have the choice to create a new future – no matter what their past looks like.

The SIERAAD Art Fair is an international fair that showcases artists and jewelers from all over the world and presents their work to galleries, shops, and consumers. The fair primarily emphasizes jewelry as art, and will be displaying jewelry that is created from avant garde materials such as rubber, textiles, photographs, ceramics, plastic, wood, and precious metals. World-renowned artists and designers will present their work alongside up-and-coming jewelers.

This is the 18th edition of the SIERAAD Art Fair, and the event will take place on November 7-10, 2019. Tickets for the event can be purchased online at https://www.sieraadartfair.com, and also at the cash desk on the days of the event. The event will take place at Westergras in Amsterdam: https://westergas.nl/en.